Facial Treatments

Little Black Dress Facial
A gentle hydrating facial that begins with a thorough skin analysis, followed by deep cleansing, toning, an exfoliating fruit enzyme, massage for the face and shoulders, and a skin-specific mask. It’s known as the “Little Black Dress” due to the absence of extraction, making it a perfect choice for a gift, night on the town or for a big event the next day.

Allow 75 minutes

The Euro Facial
European facial using techniques that combine skin analysis, cleansing, toning, steaming, exfoliation of dead skin cells, massage for the face and shoulders, extraction an a skin-specific mask.  A wonderful monthly treatment to refresh, maintain hydration and keep the skin balanced.

Allow 75 minutes

Deep Pore Cleanse
Acne breakouts are often times the result of built-up blackheads and comedones. This facial is dedicated to the treatment of acne. European facial techniques are combined with less of the pampering massage and more emphasis on extraction, resulting in less breakouts and smoother skin.

Allow 90 minutes

The Essential Back Facial

Deep cleansing and a skin smoothing fruit enzyme, combined with steam, massage, extraction if needed, and a skin specific mask will rejuvenate and balance the skin on your back.

Allow 75 minutes.

Add-On Treatments

Glycolic Acid Treatment
Glycolic acid quickly removes dead cells to refine and boost your skin and its natural collagen, deepening hydration and reducing fine lines while evening out the skin tone.
Can be a stand alone service, combined with any facial, or a hand treatment.

Holistic Treatments

Reiki Treatment
Reiki is a natural healing technique that balances the energies in your body.  The energy flows in a powerful and concentrated form through the hands of the Reiki giver and is directed into the body of the receiver. Each person is affected differently and some of the common benefits include: enhanced personal awareness and helps meditative states; it relaxes and reduces stress; releases blocks and suppressed feelings; promotes natural self-healing; strengthens the immune system; relieves pain and clears toxins.
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Allow 60-90 minutes.

Spa Packages

Any of our services can be combined to create a Spa package.



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